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Content marketing can get a bit exhausting even though there are a few gurus out there that make  Long Form Blog Content it look super easy. The truth is many of these people have whole teams that manage pieces of their process. Did you know that social strategist Gary Vaynerchuk has over 30 people managing his social content at any one time? And SEO guru Neil Patel has employees all over the world, its no wonder what they do appears simple.

Content marketing is a full-on commitment and if you do not have a team it helps to get smart about how you utilize the content that you are able to create. Our solution is simple! Repurpose and recycle what you have so that you can execute on different platforms from one piece of content.

long form Blog Content- Here is how:

Step 1: Write one long blog post. (minimum 1000 words)

Obviously when we say “write” we do not mean that you should actually do the writing. We know you have a business to run and writing may not be high on your list of priorities.

Recruit the help of the BLANNITY team and we will create a long-form piece of content in the form of a blog post, e-book or white paper for you.

Step 2: Break this long form blog content down into parts.

Every blog post should be created long form blog content with this in mind already so chances are you will have sections, subheadings, and chapters you can use as stand-alone pieces of content for use on other platforms.

Once you have identified the parts we can organize them into bite-size pieces of content that you can use for long-form captions on Instagram, tweets, smaller blog posts, email marketing campaigns, PDF lead magnets to collect email addresses, infographics, videos, and the list can go on and on!

Step 3: Determine which platforms you should be on.

Depending on your business you probably won’t need content for every single platform but you need to know what kind of long form Blog Content works for the platforms you get the most engagement for. It also helps to test something new every now and again so never rule something out that you have never tried before.

Here are a few of the popular ones:

Great for clear pictures and very engaging captions that encourage engagement

Great for microblog posts and long captions

Great for pictures that will lead to click-throughs to an informative blog post on your website

Great for pictures that will lead to click-throughs to an informative blog post on your website

Engaging video content that can be derived from the bullet points of your original blog post.

Very engaging bite-sized video content that can lead to conversion depending on your industry.

Here are some other platforms you might distribute content on:

Video Ads
Display Ads
Text Ads

If you follow this process not only will you have posts on your website that are SEO friendly but you will have options for the other marketing channels of your business that you are trying to add value to write long form Blog Content. Underutilization will no longer be a problem.

If you need help, just email us!

Long Form Blog Content


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