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As a savvy marketer, you have probably heard that next to blogging, Email Marketing Campaign has the highest ROI of any marketing channel available, and you are more likely to get a click-through from email than on social media.

Therefore, email marketing campaigns need to be strategic, well planned and engaging to be successful.

According to The Radicati Group, a technology market research firm, over 4.2 billion people will be using email by 2022. That number increases from 3.8 billion today and if you are a marketing nerd then you are probably imagining what it would be like to get just 1% of that target base.

Tips for Email Marketing Campaign-

Here are our four quick tips on how to improve your email marketing campaigns by leveraging video.

Be Quick, Easy, Informative

Customers can interact with you through email in many different ways – Coupons, newsletters, and eblasts are familiar to many of us but what about adding video? These formats are starting to include short, informative video segments that deliver your message in seconds.

Many businesses have discovered they can deliver more content through their videos to explain the advantages of a product or service, even providing live demonstrations that people can learn more from. Seeing the item in use adds credibility and trust to your sales pitch.

Improve Brand Recognition

Fun, interactive videos keep your brand in front of your customer base. Providing informative ways to communicate with your audience reminds them that you want to help make their lives better.

Today’s technology will allow you to do that from your office or at home in just minutes. What better way to keep your logos and brands in front of your customers than a short, 10-second video that’s fun and entertaining with Email Marketing Campaign.

Use Vimeo Or YouTube

It’s easier than ever to include a short video in your emails simply by using video production apps like Vimeo or YouTube. This is important because even though you will be using the video in your emails, you can also share the video’s to YouTube and on your social places as well.

Test The Open Rates By Using The word “Video” In Your Subject Line

Test subject lines using the word “video” to determine if your open rates will improve from what is typical of your email campaign. An engaging subject line will make your video email attractive and more users are likely to click on it once received. And, if they do, you have already won!

Other things to consider

– Never let the video auto-play, give people the chance to click on the video at their own leisure
– Study your analytics to determine what works and what doesn’t, that way you can tweak things quickly
– Never send emails to multiple people in the same company, this will be looked at like spam

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