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Keywords Still Important For Business when you are creating content for your business and optimizing for them is still necessary to increase conversion and sales.

If you ever get the chance to visit our office and check out any one of our laptops, you will probably notice a keyword research tool pretty close to any other app that we tend to use ALL the time. Why? Contrary to what you have been reading, optimizing for keywords isn’t dead!

Why Are Keywords Still Important For Business?

It’s simple really…search is still king and until that changes, keywords remain at the top of our list when creating content for our clients! I challenge you to think about how many times you have ‘Googled’ something just this week without even batting an eye?

Chances are you won’t have a clue but you probably know its ‘a lot’. We are always searching and what is most important is that your perfect customer is always searching for you!

93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine and we encourage you to double down on SEO and keyword optimization when creating your content strategy.

So what’s changed?

Since we all agree that the keyword optimization isn’t dead you are probably wondering why there is still so much conversation around their use? Google is always changing its algorithm to suit its customers and the people looking for you, so the way we optimize for keywords these days has changed and will continue to change.

These days consumers are using phrases rather than single words to search for what they want. For example¬† – “moisturizing product for my daughter’s 4C hair?”

Yes! If you are a mom with a daughter that has dry hair, we can bet our last batch of Halloween candy that you will type all of the above Keywords Still Important For Business in a search engine just to see what pops up.

Of course, that was kind of a long-phrase but it shows you exactly how detailed our customers are and how in tune we need to be when we create content that captures these phrases.

Gone are the days when marketers would stuff a blog post with random keywords in order to rank as high as possible on Google. As a matter of fact, keyword stuffing will get you penalized fast! Not worth it bro!

What you should be focused on as a marketer for your business

Keywords Still Important For BusinessWe educate our clients daily on how we optimize content to suit their niche, we are absolutely betting on the long game and encourage them to remain focused on:

1. Figuring out the right combination of long-tail keywords to use within content pages
2. Focusing on user intent and aligning content towards the intention
3. Getting qualified traffic over just “lots of traffic”
4. Focusing on user behavior and information for users for seamless browsing experiences.
5. Using short and long term keywords to mimic speech patterns (voice is here guys)

The more we focus on quality content the more guarantees we are prepared to make about conversions when our customers go to market.

Let’s talk about tools

SEO tools help businesses create targeted audiences and provide niche-specific information that makes it easier to advertise to the right demographics. We love tools especially ones that will allow small businesses to create targeted advertising campaigns and create effective sales strategies.

By ranking each keyword tested on their website, entrepreneurs, startups, and small companies can save money and time building their business while increasing brand recognition.

We know that using the right software and SEO programs to identify the right keywords can increase recognition. However, strategizing your long tail and short tail wording to meet search patterns is also important.

Extensive keyword research can help you to increase traffic gradually as you begin to align your content with user intent.

We are always on the lookout for tools that we can use and we continue to make keyword identification and implementation a regular part of our online campaign strategies for our clients.

Here are some of our favorite free tools that have been useful for clients.

Answer The Public

Homework! Yes you have homework

Keywords Still Important For Business

Chances are you are here because you are either curious about our services or you want to learn more stuff to make you a better marketer. We want to help so we have two things we want you to implement right now.

Listen to your customers

Your customers can be categorized into two groups – The commercial ones (the people who are visiting your pages to buy) and the non-commercial ones (the people who are just browsing and learning more about what you sell). Track the pages they visit and the comments they make so that you are addressing every need or concern.

“I am looking for a ______” is an amazing comment because it directly tells you what that customer is looking for and chances are there are other customer typing similar queries in Google. If you work with us for content creation, sharing intel like that is gold for us when we are ready to execute on your copy.

Use your keywords everywhere

After you have determined what keywords and phrases people are using to get to your website and on your website, start using them everywhere! Use them in your captions on social media, in your titles for YouTube videos, on replies to comments, you get the picture. Wherever your business has a presence you should be optimizing for the words and phrases that will bring traffic in your direction.

Finally, focus on creating content that adds value, is unique and of the highest quality! Utilize your keywords with the customer in mind rather than just simply finding ways to rank high on Google. Quality is what leads to longevity, trust, and sales!

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